Daniela Bechly and George Ireland perform Schubert’s ‘Winterreise ‘in Bielefeld, Germany

Sopran – Daniela Bechly
Klavier – George Ireland


At Capella Hospitalis
Teutoburger Strasse 50



Sunday 15th September
5pm – 7pm






Daniela, George, Evie and Der Kleine Chor in Bielefeld

Daniela, George, Evie and Der Kleine Chor in Bielefeld

Daniela Bechly and George Ireland perform Schubert’s ‘Winterreise ‘in Bielefeld, Germany

Daniela Bechly and George Ireland perform ‘Winterreise ‘in Bielefeld.

Against the Cold

Concert: Soprano Daniela Bechly and pianist George Ireland performed Schubert’s famous song cycle “Winterreise” in the Capella Hospitalis

by Antje Doßmann (translation/ D.B and G.I.)


Since her opera debut in 1983 in Braunschweig and subsequent engagements in German, Irish and British venues, soprano Daniela
Bechly can look back on a successful singing career.

Emphasising certain interests in her repertoire is a special feature of the Hamburg-born singer, who has lived in Great Britain for many years.
Since 2008, she is also the director of the Pimlott Foundation, which is dedicated to the promotion of young artists. Both aspects of her career
enabled the brilliant performer to unite in a performance at the Capella Hospitalis in a way that delighted audience.

Carefully accompanied by scholarship holder George Ireland, who is currently completing his masters degree in piano accompaniment at the
Royal College of Music in London, she penetrated with great intuition and mature skill the emotional depths of Schubert’s “Winterreise”.

Both artists broke new ground with their interpretation of the 24 songs that the composer published in 1827, a year before his death just 31
years old. Those present experienced how the singer and pianist explored this dark and powerful cycle. Two people had captured a
timeless significant masterpiece entirely in its core, they had not only the musical class, but also the inner relationship to interpret the
“Winterreise” movingly. So full and bright, sparkling and clear, Daniela Bechly’s lyrical soprano rose in the opening song “Gute Nacht”, that the
famous lines “Fremd bin ich eingezogen, fremd zieh ich wieder aus” appeared for a moment almost too big for the intimate space of the Kapella.

The collected, completely unpretentious arresting presence of the singer, who had felt a need to briefly report on her own process of
approach to the song cycle, protected the concert from being unbalanced. Instead it brought the great enjoyment of a little Schubertiad. From song
to song an understanding grew of what often is underestimated, the resistance the romantic heritage still possesses.

Schubert and Wilhelm Müller’s short lives both were overshadowed by disastrous love affairs; the poems of the “Winterreise” may have been superficially
based on natural-lyric winter moods, but behind them is a defiant and certain political understanding: And yet!.
“If the snow flies into my face, I’ll shake it off” it says not without reason in the song “Mut”(Courage)

Today we hear Müller’s strong lyrics, Schubert’s poignant melodies and prepare ourselves against the cold. Winter, we know, is a synonym.

Capella Hospitalis, Bielefeld ,
North Rhine-Westphalia, 33604
Date / Time
Date - 15/09/2019
Time - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm