The Family Choir made their debut in ‘Passion To Sing’ at Colchester Arts Centre.
Following 3 workshops with Adey Grummet, our Family Choir performed to an audience of elderly residents at Colchester Arts Centre. Funded by Essex Music Hub, and the Hervey Benham Trust, in partnership with CAC, the event was a huge success – for both audience and participants.
We have further events planned with the Family Choir in Sept and Dec- so if you are interested in joining our group with your family members, do make contact.

IMG 3430 from Katie Kennedy on Vimeo.

IMG 3432 from Katie Kennedy on Vimeo.


Following the success of the Pimlott Foundation’s  Hansel and Gretel project, many young people (and parents!) said they would like to sing together again. With this in mind, we are working alongside Colchester Arts Centre, and have organised 2 singing workshops, followed by a rehearsal and a short concert, which will be given for elderly residents at Colchester Arts Centre.
This project is open to young people from age 7 upwards – but also to parents and friends. It will be a real inter-generational event. You are also invited to bring any elderly friends and relatives to the concert at Colchester Arts Centre. It will be a really fun project and there is no cost!
The workshop days will be led by Adey Grummet. Adey is a music education practitioner (, who has worked with English National Opera, ROH Covent Garden, and among many things, is currently working with ‘Music For Youth’. Adey is an inspirational practitioner, who also worked with us on the Hansel and Gretel project, thus offering continuity, as well as an insight into ‘Music for Youth’. This project offers real opportunities for young people involved with ‘Arts Award’ and ‘Music for Youth’ – as well as for anyone who is interested in singing and the community!
The workshops will take place at Old House, Old House Road, Great Horkesley, Colchester CO64EQ on Sunday 7th June, and Sunday 14th June (11am -2pm ish!)
The project will be structured as follows;
Workshop 1 – Getting To Know You

  • Exercises and warm-up games suitable for both adults and children .
  • Learn 2/3 songs – ‘by ear’ – unison work to encourage listening and blending as well as simple harmonies.

Workshop 2 – Altogether now

  • Exercises and warm-up games for both adults and children to explore team work.
  • Recap songs learnt in previous workshop
  • Learn 3/4 songs – ‘by ear’ – varied repertoire in harmony all suitable for new choristers.
  • We hope a representative of Essex Music Hub will come and discuss choir opportunities with the young people, parents and teachers.

Workshop 3 & Performance – We Are Family
2 hour rehearsal and performance for local elderly residents (with tea provided for them)

  • Warm-ups consolidating all technical input from previous workshops
  • Stagecraft exercises – how we perform, how we show our work, stage discipline
  • Recap all songs
  • Concert – with some solo and ensemble work involved too

No experience is necessary, but participants will come out of it with new singing skills, confidence, and experience of being involved in a real community event! Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Helen Thorne, Education Co-ordinator, Pimlott Foundation   07814506988